Priorities for ANC 3B02

Stoddert as a community school

Stoddert is a community school. One of my children just started at Stoddert, and I hope that the little one will as well. Our kids should be able to start at our local school, building community and independence.

The demographic pressures in Ward 3 are real, and we need new schools. But Glover Park is unique in how tightly it is knit into Stoddert. We need to invest in growing space at Stoddert appropriate for demographic changes. Once that avenue is thoroughly developed, we can evaluate other changes.

I would request more study into alternatives to sending young kids outside the neighborhood, thinking creatively in the context of space available at Hardy, the new Foxhall ES, and the new MacArthur HS.

Safe spaces for kids, bikes, pedestrians, and drivers

A woman was killed recently on her bike riding to my husband’s office, on the same spot he rides by every day.

When my mom lost her ability to walk, it seemed so unfair to see the wide streets for cars buzzing by, not designed to give her enough time to cross in her wheelchair.

I bike my kids to school. I bike to work. I do my grocery shopping on the bike. I use a car-share for medical appointments that are far away, and weekend trips.

Daily car users are rare in DC. 1/3 of DC residents are car-free, and another 1/3 use a car less than daily.

I believe we can design our streets better so kids are free to play outside, and biking, walking, and taking public transit are safe, accessible, affordable choices for everyone.

Thriving businesses

My family ran a small business when I was growing up. I worked in restaurants and local businesses. I know how hard it is to make ends meet at the end of the month.

A thriving commercial district helps all of us. When I was young, the flow of people to restaurants and shops near my house created a vibrant neighborhood, and made it safe for me when I walked home from jobs, school and sports, no matter how late it was. Time after time we see that attracting people to neighborhoods, including by investing in local businesses, makes communities safer and more inviting.

I will work to support local businesses, making Glover Park a destination of choice in DC and beyond.

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